Switching Mortgage

Switching Mortgage


Why switch your mortgage, most lenders don’t offer the most competitive rates for existing customers, but keep them for new customers instead. Therefore, by switching your mortgage to another lender as a ‘new customer’ you can avail of lower rates and switcher incentives, such as cash back.

The switching process is the ideal opportunity to consider shortening the term of your mortgage or availing of the very competitive current fixed rates, both of which could save you €1,000s over the term of your mortgage.



Up to very recently is was extremely difficult to re-mortgage to clear short-term debt however recent entrance into the mortgage market by new lenders has made this much more possible than previously.


At financial Innovations we do not charge fees but we will get you exactly the same rates and cash back as going directly to the banks.

We are paid 1% commission by all the lenders which means we have no financial biases towards any lender.